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Sovereign Waterproofer is an additive for renders, mortars or concrete. It will reduce the liquid passage of water without being a vapour barrier. It also entrains air thus acting as a plasticiser, reducing the risk of shrinkage or cracking.


Sovereign Waterproofer can be added direct to the mix or in the gauging water. It should be used at a ratio of 0.5L/50kg cement or diluted with water at a ratio of 1 part Sovereign Waterproofer to 30 parts water.


Renders - in rendering with sand:cement, it is important that the backing coat has a low suction to allow the following coats to cure properly. Also, when pebble dashing, the dshing coat must remain wet for a reasonable period to allow the aggregate to adhere. The inclusion of Sovereign Waterproofer in the mix ensures both.

Mortar - Sovereign Waterproofer is added to the gauging water where engineering quality bricks are used for dampcoursing. the bricks are bedded into the waterproof mortar,thus ensuring a secure damp proof course. In addition, manhole chambers and below ground constructions also benefit from its use.


5L or 25L screened drums.


This rapid setting additive is used for increasing the rate of hydration of cement. This is particularly useful for working in freezing conditions or where fast removal or formwork is essential, e.g. block making.


Sovereign Rapid Setter is added to the gauging water in the following ratio for the temperature obtaining:-

TemperatureSovereign AntifreezeWater
 Between 0 °C & 1.5 °C 140
 Between 0 °C -4 & 0 °C 130
 Between 0 °C -7 & -4 °C 120
 Between 0 °C -9 & -7 °C 115
 Between 0 °C -12 & -9 °C 18
 Between 0 °C -15 & -12 °C 16
 Between 0 °C -18 & -15 °C 14

When calculating ratios, it is important to remember that it is the expected temperature after use that should be taken into account, e.g. overnight frost can be several degrees lower than the temperature when work finishes. for general work, 1 - 1.6L per 50kg cement is normally adequate.


Sovereign Rapid Setter can be used in mortar or concrete where frost risk occurs. It helps make concrete dustproof, waterproof, greaseproof and oilproof. It can be used with SovereignAdmix where improved workability is required. All aggregates must be free from frost before using and best results are obtained with fresh cement.


25L Plastic Containers