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Sovereign Liquid Water Repellent is based upon the active ingredient polyoxoaluminium stereate in an aliphatic solvent and is designed to prevent penetrating damp. Sovereign Liquid Water Repellent can be applied by brush or spray onto brick,stone,concrete,masonry and other porus surfaces.

Sovereign Liquid Water Repellent meets the requirements of BS6477:1992 - Specification for Water Repellents for Masonry surfaces.


Remove any moss,lichen or algal growth using Sovereign Masonry Sterilising Wash. Allow to dry thoroughly. Ensure all mortar and pointing is in good condition and that cracks and fissures are made good. The substrate should be thoroughly dry prior to the application of Sovereign Liquid Water Repellent (ideally allow 2/3 good drying days). Cover the windows to avoid splashes on glass, U-PVC or paintwork.


Apply by low pressure,coarse droplet spray or brush,working downwards from the top. A minimum of two coats are recommended,however,in extremely porous surfaces or exposed sites three may be necessary.

Allow a minimum of 4hrs between coats,ensuring the first coat has soaked in thoroughly. After treatment the wall will exhibit a pronounced beading effect after rain. Up to 5mm penetration of repellent can be achieved when aplied correctly to dry,porous brickwork. The beading effect diminishes slowly over 6 months, but the water repellency of the treatment is not impaired.


  1. Do not apply to visibly wet walls, as no penetration of the fluid can be achieved and gelling may occur.
  2. Soverreign Liquid Water Repellent is colourless, but can give a slight darkening effect to the substrate. If in any doubt always treat a small area first.
  3. Remove all splashes on windows, etc. as soon as possible. If necessary soften up any splashes using a propriety windscreen car wash and apply vigorous rubbing with a cloth. Alternatively, use a razor blade (taking suitable precautions).


It is difficult to assess the life expectancy of Sovereign Liquid Water Repellent due to the various types of substrate to which it is applied. The most important consideration must be surface preparation prior to treatment.

As a result of tests and experience a lifespan of 7-10 years could be expected,depending upon site elevation and exposure.



Sovereign Path and Drive Sealer is a polymeric clear sealer for application to exterior paving bricks,concrete,flagstones and porous tiles. Sovereign Path and Drive Sealer contains a styrene acrylic co-polymer, flow additive and water repellents in a solvent system to allow deep penetration into the substrate. Sovereign Path and Drive Sealer gives excellent resistance to penetration by water, oils, petrol, grease, dirt and grime.


Ensure all surfaces are clean,dry, and free from grease, oil, dust or loose material. Dirt, moss and lichen and other loose material can be removed by using Sovereign Masonry Sterilising Wash. Allow to dry thoroughly. Surfaces must be dry to allow maximum penetration.


Shake well before use. Apply using a roller, spray or an emulsion brush. When applying to textured block paving slabs ensure that the surface is evenly coated and that the coating does not pool in surface depressions. Any surplus material should be brushed well into the substrate.

For best results two coats of Sovereign Path and Drive Sealer should be applied, allowing 3-4hrs between coats. (Two coats are normally recommended but open poroussubstrates could benefit from an extra coat to ensure maximum protection). Sovereign Path and Drive Sealer being a solvented product must be allowed to dry thoroughly. Under normal conditions the treated surface can be back in service after 4hrs. However, in cold, damp conditions drying, re-coating and in-service times will be extended.


Do not apply to wet surfaces, in conditions of high humidity or when rain is forecast. Protect from rain until dry.Do not apply to non-porous surfaces (e.g. quarry tiles, certaing types of dense bricks, etc). Care should be taken to ensure that sovereign Path and Drive Sealer has cured thoroughly prior to parking vehicles on the driveway. If in any doubt leave for 24hrs or overnight.

NB: Sovereign Path and Driver Sealer will not prevent rising damp coming through paving bricks, which can lead to a mottled appearance.



Sovereign K10 is a specially designed one-aprt, elastomeric, moisture curing, roof coating. K10 contains fillers, pigments, additives and an MDI based urethane prepolymer, in a felt compatible compund.


SOVEREIGN K10 possesses excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates such as asphalt, felt, bitumen, asbestos sheet, concrete, brick, slate, tiles, glass, wood and metals. Sovereign K10 is not suitable for overcoating areas previously treated with silicones. K10 is not a damp proof membrane. where a damp proof membrane is required consideration should be given to using Sovereign Hey'di K11 Grey.


Sovereign K10 forms a though, permanently flexible elastomeric membrane which does not embrittle or craze with weathering, age or exosure to UV radiation, even at low temperatures.


All areas must be inherently sound and free from all loose materials, e.g. chippings and debris. Moss and lichen must be removed (use Sovereign Masonry Sterilising Solution to kill and remove growths). Surface must be as dry as practicably possible (do not apply K10 if surface is visibly damp or wet). Fill any cracks or voids with Sovereign polysulphide sealant and allow to cure (minimum 8hrs). Gaps greater than 10mm should be filled with scrim to prevent cracking.


Stir thoroughly before use. Sovereign K10 can be applied by brush, squeegee, roller or spray (airless). Two coats are recommended with the second coat being applied within 24hrs of the first coat to ensure good intercoat adhesion. Dry coating thickness should be 0.5mm per coat

On every porous surface such as porous concrete or asbestos sheeting use a priming solution 1:1 K10 Cleaner : K10 and allow to dry. Apply K10 as normal, but within 24hrs of the initial prime coat. If joint are necessary an overlap of 150mm minimum should be used.


  1. Sovereign K10 is a moisture curing coating and full cure will vary depending upon temperature and humidity.
  2. Once the tin has been opened moisture ingress will shorten shelf life of Sovereign K10. Cover the surface with a layer of K10 cleaner or store part used can upside down to help prevent surface skinning. Use as soon as possible


Use as a cleaning solution for brushes and equipment. Can also be used as a cleaner for sovereign PUR Adhesive and Sovereign Expanding Foam.

NOTE: K10 Cleaner is only suitable for uncured material. Once cured Sovereign K10, Expanding Foam and PUR Adhesive becomes resistant to all conventional solvents, acids or alkalis.



Sovereign Epoxy Floor Plant is a 2 part epoxide resin based coating which offers excellent resistance and durability for walls and floors. Sovereign Epoxy Floor Plant is solvent free, hence minimal odour and non-flammable. Sovereign Epoxy Floor Paint exhibits high abrasion and chemical resistance, is easy and quick to apply and greatly improves the aesthetics of a working environment in either quarry tile red or slate grey.

Sovereign Epoxy Floor Paint is suitable for walls and floors in both domestic and industrial situations. Use areas include garages, factory floors, warehouses, bund walls (specifications available directly from the Technical department), the food industry as well as many other applications.

Sovereign Epoxy Floor Paint is ideal for use in hygiene conscious applications such as food preperation or public areas.


Substrate to be treated should be dry, sound and free from loose materials. New concrete should be used at least 7 days old. Oil and grease should be removed with a proprietary cleaning solution and any damaged or worn areas repaired according to Sovereign's standard floor repair specifications.


The base resin (Part A) should be stirred to disperse any settlement, then the hardener (Part B) should be added to the base. A Mechanical stirrer is recommended to ensure thorough mixing of the components. Thorough mixing is essential to ensure an even cure and apperance. Only mix sufficient material for area to be treated. Mix in ratio 4 parts resin (A) to 1 part hardener (B).


Sovereign Epoxy Floor Paint is recommended as a 2 coat system. Material should be appleid to the floor by brush or suitable roller. The second coat should be applied as soon as the first is dry enough to walk on (normally after 2hrs), and certainly within 24hrs.

It is often advisable to thin the first coat with up to 10% water to aid substrate penetration. This is dependant upon the substrate porosity and topography.

A suitable aggragate can be applied in the second coat to give a textured finish. Sovereign recommend 10-15% by wieght fine silicia sand. A further coat of Sovereign Epoxy Floor Paint should then be applied.

All equipment should be cleaned immediately after use with water.

Solvent Free. Durable Finish. Easily Cleaned. Water Thinnable. Fast Drying. Benign Coating.


Very low odour, non-tainting, Long-Lasting. Low maintanace costs. Better penetration into substrate. Reduced downtime of installation. Chemically resistant to acids, alkalis & other aggressors.

Chemically resistant to:

  1. Conc. Hydrochloric Acid
  2. Nitric Acid 25%
  3. Sulphuric Acid 50%
  4. Sodium Hydroxide (50%)
  5. Ammonia (88%) 10%
  6. White Spirit
  7. Methylated spirit
  8. Lubricating Oil
  9. Petrol
  10. Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach)

Tested at 20°C

N.B. The ability of Sovereign Epoxy Floor Paint to resist attack is dependant on temperature and concentration of chemical. Please contact Sovereign technical Department for further information.



Sovereign Aueous Bitumen is a bitumen and rubber latex emulsion to be applied cold as a horizontal damp-proof membrane in solid laid concrete floors. It is suitable for and is supplied ready for immediate use on dry or damp surfaces.

Sovereign Aqueous Bitumen can also be used as a vertical membrane on the positive (external) side of a structure. However,for tanking on the negative (internal) side, or where hydrostatic pressure is involved, then use the Sovereign Hey'di K11 Tanking System.

Oversite concrete and floor screeds cannot keep back all ground moisture even when an integral waterproofer is incorporated. Concrete can take months to dry out completely.

Entrapped water and ground moisture will tend to rise to the surface where it either evaporates or accumulates under less premeable materials such as linoleum, thermoplastic tiles, ceramic tiels, etc.

In particular Aqueous Bitumen has been designed so that when applied properly, ti provides a sandwich membrane, the dried film thickness of which complies with the appropriate British Standard Code of Practice CP 102:1973. such thicknesses are considered essential to the adequate performance of the membrabne in providing a waterproof and vapour-proof barrier.

When dry the material forms a black, tough resilient, waterproof coating.


Sovereign Aqueous Bitumen, when applied as a horizontal damp-proof membrane, must in all cases be laid so that it overlaps the damp-proof courses in adjoining walls. It should be noted that these damp proof membranes are recommended for the damp proofing of floors where there may be capillary rise of moisture, but not with those where water can exert hydrostatic pressure. Where the floor is permanently damp then use K11 Grey.


  1. It is essential that if the concrete surface is dry, absorbent, or dusty it be made non-absorbent by lgihtly dampening with water. This will assist application.
  2. Apply the emulsion undiluted to cover not more than 1.0 metres squared per litre. Use a soft brush or broom, dampening it before and occasionally during use to avoid clogging and assist application. The finished application should be free from weeps and of uniform thickness.
  3. When the coat is dry apply a second in the same way, covering nto more than 1.5 metres squared per litre. When dry, the membrane should be black and shiny. Any brown colouration or movement between the film and backing should be taken to mean that drying is incomplete.
  4. While still moist blind the coat with sand to prevent damage and provide a key for the final concrete screed. when the coat is dry, brush off surplus sand. Further work can then proceed.


  1. The actual drying time will depend on the rate of evaporation, air and ground temperatures and humidity. Times quoted are guides only and, in all cases, will be assisted by ventilation.
  2. When DPC fluids are used allow a minimum period of 3 weeks (dependant upon conditions) prior to Aqueous applicaiton to enable any solvents to evaporate.
  3. Sovereign Aqueous Bitumen is not recommended for roofing applications since the rubber latex may lead to crazing and cracking of the film surface unless it is covered with sand or other U.V. shield.


  1. To the cleaned base screed, apply two coats of Aqueous Bitumen ensuring that the first coat has fully cured (minimum 5hrs) prior to application of the screed.
  2. Walls,footings and a minimum of 50mm floor screed should be laid directly onto the Aqueous Bitumen Film, taking care not to damage the membrane.
  3. Once the walls have been constructed two coats of Aqueous Bitumen should be applied as 1) above to the masonry to a height of 150mm above the designed finished ground level. This should tie in with the horizontal dpm.
  4. The Aqueous Bitumen should be protected during back-filling by using permanent boards or a 3:1 sand : cement render, incorporating Sovereign Waterproofer or Rendermix in the gauging water. This should be scratched mechanically to provide a key.
  5. A final coat of 4:1 sand : cement may be applied if required.
  6. Back fill with care to the designed level.