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Hey'di Tanking Systems

K11 System

Sovereign Hey'di K11 is an alkali-resistant synthetically modified cement which is mixed with styrene-butadiene and water, producing a waterproof coating against both moisture and hydrostatic ground water.

The chemicals in the slurry react, penetrate and fill off or block the capillaries, bonding onto the prepared surface.

Areas of Application

K11 is used for the positive and negative waterproofing of below ground structures such as cellars, underground car parks, swimming pools, service tunnels, potable (drinking) water tanks, garage inspection pits and lift shafts.

Modified specifications are commonly used above ground for storage tank bund walls, prevention of penetrating damp, silage pit walls, the area below an injected chemical damp proof course and as a damp proof course between foundation slab and screed/rising masonry.

K11 Application

It is essential for all types of surfaces that the substrate has a high moisture content which will assist the chemical reaction to penetrate pores and capillaries.

Power washing is ideal, but if this is impractical then early hosing or washing down will be required. Unlike other forms of tanking that require dry surfaces, both Sovereign Hey'di systems utilise the natural moisture content in below ground situations.

Where required apply a coat of Anti Sulphate diluted 1:1 with water. Leave overnight. Apply an undiluted coat of Anti Sulphate and commence tanking. Thereafter, surfaces should be damped down using a solution of 1 part SBR Bonding Agent to 9 parts water. Allow the surface moisture to run off before continuing.

In negative pressure below ground situations two coats of K11 are required. Other modified specifications are available.

Make up gauging liquid consisting of 2 parts SBR Bonding Agent to 1 part water. Add the K11 powder slowly to the gauging and mix to a thick, creamy, plastic consistency, using a variable speed drill fitted with a plasterers paddle.

Apply the K11 using a block brush at a rage of 2kg/m2 overlapping the floor by 20 cms (where applicable) and by 1 metre onto abutting internal walls. Ensure total coverage is achieved, finishing with horizontal brush strokes.

Use K11 Grey for single coat applications and the first coat for two coat applications.

At all vertical and horizontal joints a 25mm angled fillet must be formed using Sovereign hey'di Barrier Mortar mixed with water (see diagram). Barrier Mortar is designed to be applied to a damp surface and unlike sand:cement fillet will not shrink or crack.

The second coat of K11 (where applicable) can be applied over the first coat as soon as it is possible to do so without dragging the first coat. This is the preferred method of application and should be brushed at right angles to the first coat to ensure a consistent coverage.

Should total coverage not be achieved and if there is a high water table, then minute leaks may become evident. These will clearly be identified by a white line (SBR Bonding Agent) leading to the source of the leak.

Simply punch open the leak with a screw driver and plug with Powder X before re-coating with K11, overlapping by 50mm onto sound (damp) K11.