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Sovereign SX70 & AQ70 Decorative Protection for Wood

Decorative Protection for Wood


Protective coatings for wood SX70 Woodstains are a range of semi-transparent stains which have been specially designed to enrich the natural beauty of timber. SX70 Woodstains can be applied directly onto bare timber for internal and external use on a wide range of soft and hardwoods.

SX70 is a microporus,solvent based stain which allows the wood to breathe and limits cracking, peeling or blistering. Lightly structured and very easy to apply.It contains a powerful fungicided to assist in preventing rot, and resins to repel water. Available in 9 different colours.


SX70 Natural Woodfinish is a decorative and protective interior and exterior clear wood finish for all types of soft and hardwood. SX70 Natural Woodfinish contains a powerful fungicide to stop rot and a special blend of UV additives prevents cracking,peeling and blistering.


Sovereign Basecoat is a solvent based coating for use on all types of untreated soft or hardwood. Basecoat is designed to give protection from the workshop until installation on site. SX70 Basecoat provides an excellent priming surface which wil laccept all conventional spirit and water based staines and coating.

For best results the final coating system should be applied within 3 months of basecoat application.


SX70 Topcoat is a solvent based coating developed to provide a semi-sheen finish coat for SX70, or similar woodstaines, to enhance the colour and give extra protection.

SX70 Topcoat is applied by brush to give a protective,clear topcoat with water repellent, UV resistant and ani fungal properties. One coat is normally applied over SX70 to give the wood an enhanced finish without further deepening the colour.

SX70 Topcoat will revitalise the colour of any woodstain that has already been applied. SX70 Topcoat should not be used externally on bare wood or used as a varnish.

For a natural finish please refer to Sovereign SX70 Natural Woodfinish.